The UK’s Ethan Ash Comes to Canada to Tour New Brunswick

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British singer songwriter Ethan Ash is in the midst of a massive tour…of New Brunswick!  

Matt Carter

It’s not uncommon for a musician from the UK to tour Canada. But it is uncommon to do what Ethan Ash is doing.  Since early July, Ash has been on the road traveling throughout New Brunswick performing in cities, towns, villages and living rooms. His current tour includes 22 dates, 20 of which are right here in New Brunswick.

Ash says he first visited the province five years ago at the invitation of a fan he met online.

“I first came to the Maritimes for a short visit in December 2014 with my girlfriend, now fiancée, at the invitation of a wonderful lady who lives in New Brunswick,” he said.  “She had found my music via some friends in England and she subsequently came to England on holiday and I played a surprise private gig for her organized by the same friends. Her and I have been good friends ever since.”

“I’m stunned and very thankful to the people of the Maritimes for the reception my music has received and their magnificent support.”

His initial visit to the province took place during the coldest months of the year, yet despite the unfavourable temperatures, Ash decided to return again the following year for a proper tour. He’s been coming back regularly ever since.

“I first toured the Maritimes in the summer of 2016 playing small venues and despite the fact I was an unknown musician from another country it went quite well,” he said. “I arranged subsequent tours in January and the summer of each year and now, in summer of 2019, I’m playing some big venues, a festival, a corporate gig for one of the biggest companies in Canada and several house shows. I’m stunned and very thankful to the people of the Maritimes for the reception my music has received and their magnificent support.”

His debut album The Road Home, released in 2018, includes a song inspired by his love for New Brunswick.

“I wrote and recorded a song called Going Home which is about how I feel when I visit [New Brunswick] and when I’m away,” said Ash.

“I don’t want to sound like an insincere musician but I genuinely love the Maritimes. The culture, the landscape, the vastness, the solitude, the wildlife, the terrific people, the relationship people have with music, the friends I’ve made, the food…oh my goodness the food! I can’t think of a negative thing to say about this wonderful place,” he said. “Someday, and be warned, I want to live here and I really, really can’t wait.”

Upcoming Performances: 

August 8 | The Rockland | Saint John, NB
August 9 | Private Show | Quispamsis, NB
August 10 | Kingsbrae | St. Andrews, NB
August 15 | Grimross Brewing Co. | Fredericton, NB
August 16 | Dunham’s Run | Kingston, NB
August 17 | Private Show | Saint John, NB
August 19 | Private Show | St. Andrews, NB
August 22 | Private Show | Saint John, NB
August 25 – Sept. 1 | Halifax urban Folk Festival | Halifax, NS
September 5 | Five and Dime | Saint John, NB
September 7 | Private Show | Rothesay, NB


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