The Siege is Broken

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Fredericton metal band dissolves following public outcry and accusations of hate-speech.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Siegebreaker’s Dale Lyons (Facebook)

After a tumultuous week involving accusations of hate-speech following a post online by the Fredericton metal band Siegebreaker, the band have officially announced their breakup.

The band sparked a flurry of outrage after posting a detailed description of their song The Cancer of Mankind, in which they expressed concern over the rise of feminist thinking and what they perceived as its ill effects on the world today. The offending post, now removed by the band, initially resulted in the cancelation of the group’s CD release party that was scheduled to take place at The Capital Complex as part of the bar’s long-running Metal Monday series. Days later, group packed it in.

In a statement released via Facebook on April 2, guitarist/vocalist Dale Lyons wrote, “To protect the guys’ families & their livelihoods, the band has basically been forced into being dismantled. Both of my ex-bandmates were put into a situation, through no fault of their own, to choose between their families’ well-being and future, or the band. It was an obvious choice and the right choice to make. I do not fault them one tiny bit for their decision.”

In a recent video post, Lyons admits, “I’m an aggressive guy, yeah, but I don’t mean any harm with what I’m singing about. Never my intent to poke, push, prod, you know, to start stuff up. Honestly, it wasn’t. I’m just saying this is what I believe in and I feel like I have the right to say it…I just want to be able to have what I have, which is the freedom to speak my mind and you know what, I’m standing up for myself.”

Watch the full video below.

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