The Shifty Bits Cult Release, Fredericton’s Mine

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Artwork by Maggie Higgins.

The Shifty Bits Cult have released an impressive “two-sided’ digital compilation highlighting many of the city’s current performing artists.  Fredericton’s Mine (side A) includes 23 tracks from several musicians who call Fredericton home including Sam Salmon, Sentiments, The Trick, Motherhood, Winter Coats and many more.  Each track is paired with a unique piece of art created by a local artist.

The compilation combines many familiar tunes that have surfaced recently with a handful of previously unreleased tracks to make a collection any Frederictonian can be proud of.

While no collection of music can truly capture all that an area represents musically, Fredericton’s Mine effectively showcases the wide range of music currently happening in the city and proves Fredericton has a lot more happening than some may think.

The release also comes paired with a collection of B-Sides from “artists not actively playing shows”.

With 30 tracks in total, this name-your-price collection of Frederictonia is well worth a listen or two or three or four…

Past, present and future musicians take note. Fredericton’s Mine is an inspiring mix and something we should all be proud of.  Kudos to the Shifty Bits crew for putting this together.

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