The Return of RedCastle

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Watch the latest video from Fredericton’s RedCastle – Insomniac

It’s been a while since Fredericton metal act, RedCastle, have released any new music.  Almost two years to be exact. Over the past year they’ve dealt with a few personnel changes that set the group back but thankfully, they’ve been rehearsing and writing and will return to the stage later this month.

A statement posted on the group’s Facebook page reads,  “The last time we had new music for everyone, it was December 2013.  God damn it’s been a while!  A lot of shit has happened since then, our former vocalist moved away (Mike Smissaert), we found a new bass player (Benoit Boudreau) to replace Max Brown who took over as our new front man, we spent a year building our own studio and another year writing and recording a new EP.  Well, WE’RE BACK!  Who’s ready to party?”

The band is currently putting the finishing touches on a new EP and booking performances.


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