The Pulp #2

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The Pulp is a program where we do our best to bring new New Brunswick sounds directly to your ears. Consider it a labour of love.


We made it to episode two. That’s really something. Honestly.

On this episode of The Pulp we share tracks from a few recent releases from Jon McKiel, Brookside Mall, Sentimentals, and Staving Ghosts. We also explore an unexpected cover by Fredericton’s masters of the unexpected – Young Satan In Love, we highlight one of several artists performing at the inaugural Quality Block Party and share a rare live recording from last year’s Flourish Festival.

As always, we encourage you to share the episode and join us in celebrating ‘fringe sounds from the drive-thru province’. And if you like what you hear, why not support the artists who help make this place something special? You can find links to all the artists from episode two below.

Track List:

Jon McKiel – Conduit – 4:24

Brookside Mall – Preservation – 1:59

Sentimentals – Thrillseeker – 3:16

Bad People – Dirty Rags – 3:30

Staving Ghosts – Blackout – 3:18

Young Satan In Love – Bedhead – 3:18

Union Suit – Slippery Sidewalks – 3:38

Flourish Festival (Fredericton)

Quality Block Party (Saint John)

Patient Records (Fredericton)


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