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Evolving out of Emma Chevarie’s well-established reputation hosting live music events in Fredericton for more than a decade, the newly announced MRTI Agency will offer a variety of industry services all delivered with the end goal of building community through music.  

The MRTI Agency. L-R: Krista Touesnard, Emma Chevarie, Rob Pinnock. Submitted photo.
Matt Carter

Music lover and promoter, community volunteer, and recent MNB Award winner Emma Chevarie has been hosting music events in Fredericton for more than a decade. Across several venues large and small, Chevarie’s Music Runs Through It has become a trusted name in live music promotion. Supported by a dedicated audience who share her love of songs and stories told in a listening room environment, Chevarie has built her own community of supporters within the broader local scene. That alone is something worth celebrating. 

Unintimidated by risk and driven by a desire to support music makers through her own curiosity that continuously asks the “what ifs” of the music industry and her own community, Chevarie’s work has evolved from occasional one-off events in art galleries and wine bars to include more than one live music series, international tour booking, and festival curation.  

Over the past few years Chevarie has been working closely with Tipsy Muse Café founders Krista Touesnard and Rob Pinnock to expand opportunities for musicians and music lovers in the Fredericton area. Their accomplishments as a trio resulted in the Cold Snap Music Series and numerous co-presented events. This week, Chevarie, Touesnard, and Pinnock made their partnership official with the launch of The MRTI Agency.

“My passion to promote live music in Fredericton and beyond continues to be a driving force and teaming up with Krista and Rob should allow us all to accomplish even more,” said Chevarie on the eve of her MNB Award win for Music Industry Professional of the Year. 

“I’m excited to see what impact we can have by combining our efforts. With a focus to continue building and strengthening our community we will work to fill some gaps we’ve observed such as helping emerging artists get established, strategizing with artists taking steps to attain their next level, and supporting venues and event organizers wanting to include live music in their programming,” she said.

The MRTI Agency will continue hosting live music events in addition to providing artist management services, event promotion, production, and consultation all delivered with the end goal of building community through music. 


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