The Capital Project – Week Two

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This week’s episodes from The Capital Project featured interviews and performances with Levi Rowan and Squaredance Kid, and the first in a series spotlighting music education.  

Matt Carter 

Here we are with our weekly recap of videos from the Fredericton web series, The Capital Project. This week included three videos from three different content channels: Personal History, Spotlight Series and Music Education.

Personal History – Levi Rowan Pt. 1

Monday saw the release of the first in a series exploring the music of hip hop artist Levi Rowan. Rowan chats about his EP Nube Beach, how most of that release was produced on his cellphone and what it was like for him growing up in Belleisle hoping his music would eventually reach beyond his friends at school.

Spotlight Series – Squaredance Kid (feat. Emily Kennedy)

Jon Bowie, who occasionally performs as Squaredance Kid, talks about his song The Nights of Our Lives, a Fredericton classic and an ode to one of the city’s cultural institutions, The Capital. Almost a decade old now, the song originally appeared on the self-titled album from the group The Westerburg Suicides. Along with a short interview offering a bit of a back story on the song, the video also features Bowie performing the track with accompaniment from cellist Emily Kennedy (Pallmer). Check it out. The genuine sincerity of Bowie’s words will probably give you goosebumps. It’s an anthem.

Music Education – Second Chance Band

The first in a this new mini-series, this week’s video focuses on people who are either picking up instruments for the first time or revisiting an instrument they played 20 or more years prior. There are Second Chance Bands all over the place, ensembles made up of late bloomers or those whose lives just didn’t allow room for music until now. Through interviews with musicians and instructors, we learn the many reasons why people make the effort to include music in their lives.

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