The Capital Project – Week One

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This week’s episodes from The Capital Project featured performances by Wangled Teb and Rory Taillon, and explore the history of Fredericton’s premier live music venue.  

Matt Carter

With the long-awaited rollout of The Capital Project web series now underway, I think we can all agree this project has been well worth the wait. Hundreds of hours of collected performances and interviews are now being syphoned onto the World Wide Web for our collective enjoyment with new videos dropping every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With the intent of helping you stay on top of this series, we’ve teamed up Raynemaker Productions to deliver our own weekly series recapping the week’s shared content. From now until the end of the series rollout, we’ll be bringing you a weekly update each Friday that recaps the week’s posts and the content therein. So let’s get at it.

Spotlight Series – Wangled Teb

Following an ambitious launch week that included 16 video posts, the regular weekly rollout of The Capital Project began this past Monday with a spotlight on electronic musician/producer Indigo Poirier who performs as Wangled Teb. Winner of Music NB’s Electronic Artist of the Year award for 2018, Poirier has spent the past few years working tirelessly to elevate electronic music’s profile within the Fredericton music community. Combining layered influences of ambient, breakcore and IDM across five EPs (the most recent released via TwoFifteen Records), Poirier is well on their way to crafting a unique sonic identity, and one that has begun to gain national recognition on campus/community radio stations across the country.

Part of what makes this project exciting to me is the how the content is being delivered. Using the subcategories Spotlight Series and The Local Scene, the project presents a few different ways for viewers to engage with the content. Almost like having a series within a series.

The Spotlight Series features individual artists or groups in conversation and performance while The Local Scene explores the value and meaning of what a music scene represents to those involved.

The Local Scene – The Complex Pt. 1

This week’s edition of The Local Scene explores how a popular bar in downtown Fredericton grew to become the city’s premier live music destination and one of the key stops for many artists touring the east coast. Through conversations with musicians and staff, we are offered a window into both the history and the continued cultural value of The Capital Complex.

Spotlight series – Rory Taillon

This week rounded out with a performance video featuring Ottawa musician Rory Taillon, one of several performers who have become regulars on the east coast circuit thanks to the work of promoters like Eddie Young (Roots and Soul Promo).

Taillon will be in the city next week performing as part of this year’s Living Roots Music Festival.

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