The Capital Project Goes National with New Episode on CBC

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My Song is My Name is a one hour documentary focused on Indigenous musicians from New Brunswick.

Matt Carter

When filmmaker Tim Rayne set out to document his hometown music scene, he had no idea where his project would end up or what its final form would be. He just knew there were stories to tell, stories that go far beyond the music.

This week welcomes the latest film in The Capital Project series. My Song is My Name is a one hour documentary focused on Indigenous musicians from New Brunswick. The film features original performances and interviews covering a wide range of topics including the artistic process, music in education, music as therapy, and the role creating and performing music plays in their lives.

“Personally, I think music is a universal language that connects us all in so many ways,” said Rayne. “My experience working on this episode has introduced me to many Indigenous artists who have blown my mind with their talent and love for music. I believe my co-producer Carr Sappier was an incredible guide in this episode and I believe the episode itself has deepened my appreciation of Indigenous music in New Brunswick. It’s truly incredible.”

Filmed largely in Fredericton and at Tobique First Nation, My Song is My Name celebrates Indigenous artists from across the province working in a diverse range of genres including rock, hip hop, and electronic, as well as through songs an rhythms directly rooted in Indigenous culture.

The film features interviews with Jeremy and Jonathan Dutcher, Beaatz (Shelby Sappier), Natalie Sappier, Dylan Ward and Quinn Bonnell among others.

“What makes the My Song is My Name episode unique is that it is the first episode entirely focussed on Indigenous artist” said co-producer Carr Sappier. “I think that this is an important time for Indigenous voices and perspectives to be heard by all Canadians. My Song is my Name provides insight into the lives of these artists in an intimate, moving, and uplifting manner.”

The documentary will be available nationally through CBC GEM streaming service on Friday, November 13, as well as a television broadcast in the Maritimes on CBC Television’s Absolutely Canadian on Saturday, November 14 at 8:00 p.m.

To view the upcoming episode or past episodes of the project, visit:

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