The Burning Hell play The Cap October 27

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It’s been too long since Mathias Kom’s musical collective and alter-ego The Burning Hell last visited Fredericton. But the wait is nearly over.

It’s been years since The Burning Hell last played Fredericton. 

Driven largely by the melancholic humour of songwriter Mathias Kom, the band and its sound have been in a constant state of evolution since first forming in 2007. Through numerous incarnations brought on by a lineup that has remained ever-shifting, no two experiences with The Burning Hell are ever the same. But somehow, who’s on stage never detracts from Kom’s low, lonely voice and his brilliant songwriting. The band, in whatever configuration it takes, always delivers, hitting the dynamic highs and lows of Kom’s stories with admirable precision. That is part of the magic of The Burning Hell and one of many reasons that have been able to build and maintain an international following. They are always exciting to watch perform. They are funny. And maybe someday they will be recognized for being the national treasure they truly are. 

See the band on stage later this month when they play The Cap on October 27 with special guest Kelly McMichael opening the show. What a night this will be. 

The Burning Hell + Kelly McMichael | Oct. 27 | The Cap | Doors at 6:30 p.m.. Show at 7. | $10/$15 | View Event 


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