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New Brunswick Crafts Council Expresses Concern Regarding the Arts in New Brunswick.

Media Release | New Brunswick Crafts Council

NBCC“As a non-profit organization that represents fine crafts people in New Brunswick, we are concerned by Minister Fraser’s decision that the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture absorb the positions of ArtsNB staff into the department.”

                                                                            – Jamie Brown, NBCC/CMANB President

ArtsNB, as it exists today, distributes arts funding via impartial staff that is arms-length from government. Artists can expect and have come to trust that all applicants will receive the same consideration, free of personal bias or political interference. The Executive of NBCC/CMANB is deeply concerned about losing this arms-length body.

The NBCC/CMANB encourages ongoing dialogue between the arts community and Government concerning any future decisions regarding the arts in New Brunswick. Only through consultation can we make informed decisions.

With the release of the third party report by Dr. Monica Gattinger titled “Provincial Arts Funding in New Brunswick: A Provincial Comparative Assessment”, the New Brunswick Crafts Council strongly urges Minister Fraser to work with the leaders of the arts community to ensure the funding model that will be in the best interests of the arts community and the public will be implemented.

The New Brunswick Crafts Council is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting excellence in crafts, maintaining standards of craftsmanship and expanding markets for fine crafts.


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