The Beaverbrook Art Gallery Expansion is Now Underway.

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Jonathan Kenworthy’s sculpture, The Leopard, will be temporarily relocated.

Photo: Matt Carter

Work has begun on the Beaverbrook Art Gallery expansion. The gallery recently released information about the initial construction stages in hopes of creating a safe environment for the public and the construction team on the ground.

The early stages of construction will begin by establishing an enclosed work area on the east side of the gallery, stretching out and around the recently refurbished Robert Burns statue. Traffic on the walking trail, which usually runs behind the gallery property, will be temporarily redirected to the Queen Street sidewalk in front of the building. A planned closure of parking spaces running along the front of the gallery will help divert cycle and foot traffic safely past the construction with returned access to the trail once past the structure.

These temporary changes required to begin work on the gallery’s expansion will also include a relocation of the Jonathan Kenworthy sculpture, The Leopard, which will be moved in order to safeguard it from harm during the expansion project.

While changes to the flow of traffic around the city’s prominent art gallery may be a minor inconvenience to daily commuters, the end result will certainly be worth the wait.

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery expansion project is due to be completed in late 2017. .

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