The Art of Flourish

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A short series introducing many of the visual artists involved in Flourish Festival 2017.

Featured Artist: Amna Khurshid

Sketch by Amna Khurshid.
Sketch by Amna Khurshid.

Amna Khurshid is a 22 year old artist currently residing in Fredericton, New Brunswick. Khurshid works with pencil, ink, photography, poetry, and prose. Her influences include people, faces, impressions and voids. Khurshid has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and has nipped in and out of different educational institutes trying her hand at Architecture and Creative Writing.

Tell us a bit about your work.

I work with pencil, ink, photography, poetry and prose. My influences include people, faces, impressions, voids, love…the lot. Anything that really shakes me is likely going to wind up in my work.

What does it mean for you to create / showcase in a new environment, even if it’s only for a few days?

This is the third year I’ll be part of Flourish. By now I’ve gotten the hang of it and am quite excited. The first few times around I was nervous, but when it comes to art you’ve got to follow your intuition and just do whatever you want, really. Usually that involves some risk-taking, whatever that means to you personally. A new environment is what makes the risk-taking more exciting and worthwhile. Only a few days – you’ll survive.

What have you been working on recently? Anything you’d like to showcase in this article?

Recently I’ve been working on some ballpoint drawings, using a cross-hatching method. Sometimes I get obsessed with an image and keep drawing it until something happens. I found a photo of Warhol’s factory, Lou Reed slouching on a couch with bottles and cans of coke on what looks like an apple box in front of him. We’ll see what comes out of it – likely a series. I’ve also been sifting through tons of film photos from and trying to arrange them in some interesting way. Both things are in the brainstorming phase.

What are you planning for FLOURISH this year?

For the past year or two I’ve been experimenting with film photography. I plan on showcasing prints with some less typical use of negative space. For the zine/print show I’ll likely be selling prints of ballpoint drawings. For the after hours one in the Phoenix, I’m making a tiny book of poetry, prose, and drawings.

What excites you about FLOURISH this year?

I’ve just gotten back from studying poetry/prose in England and got a real positive response there so I’m excited to put work out here in some form. Pithy and wry. Definitely looking forward to just getting everyone together as well and going to shows. Young Satan in Love and Motherhood are my favourite to see.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Big ups to Jane and Stefan for running Flourish!


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