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The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival have partnered with Fredericton’s Connexion Artist-Run Centre to present AFTER HOURS.

Avi Diggle, Fredericton, NB

The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival have partnered with Fredericton’s Connexion Artist-Run Centre to present AFTER HOURS, a temporary public art exhibition that will see the work of five contemporary artists exhibited along Queen Street, September 14-16 as part of this year’s festival.

The event marks the first time contemporary works of art have been included as part of Harvest’s nearly three decades of programming.

“Festival-goers can expect to see three video pieces and two live performances, from artists exploring combinations of materials, methods, and subjects, as they work in a globally influenced, culturally diverse, and technologically advancing world”, says Kasie Wilcox, Director of Connexion ARC.

The work presented will explore themes of environmentalism, systemic power structures, and mental health, amidst the festival’s lively atmosphere.

“Harvest strives to provide a diverse, unforgettable experience for our patrons,” said Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival’s Managing Director, Lucas Hicks, “and we are pleased to partner with a local arts organization to help present Canadian visual artists at this year’s festival.”

“We are attempting to create accessible spaces for the public to experience contemporary art, and we see a lot of potential here in Fredericton for meaningful exchanges between audiences and artists,” said Wilcox. “Our hope for this exhibition is to spark curiosity, and to develop a greater understanding of contemporary art from across the country.”

Full details on the works and participating artists were posted last week on the Connexion website. Check them out online and look for these unique, inspiring exhibits throughout the downtown area later this week.

Harvest Jazz and Blue Festival’s Taylor Printing Street Experience, will take place from Thursday, 6:30 PM – Sunday, 4:00 PM, bringing Queen Street alive starting Thursday evening and for the first time ever starting at Noon hour on Friday and run until Sunday afternoon. Admission is free to the Taylor Printing Street Experience, all ages welcome.

Connexion Artist-Run Centre for Contemporary Art is located at 65 York St, Fredericton, New Brunswick. Office Hours: 12:00 – 4:00 pm, Tuesday – Friday.

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