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Fredericton Poet Laureate Jordan Trethewey will be collecting stories throughout the year to create a series of new poems that reflect our diverse community. 

Fredericton Poet Laureate Jordan Trethewey wants you to tell him a story. Next week he’ll be a guest at both The Cap Record Store and The Urban Almanac, collecting stories and turning them into poems as part of Shivering Songs. 

Trethewey says he is hoping to collect stories from people’s lives they feel are worth being written down for posterity in poetry form.

“The plan is to write a first draft on the spot and email it to the person who shared it,” he said. 

“I am going to be out at events and around downtown this summer as well in the hope of collecting enough stories for a book of poetry that showcases and honours the people of Fredericton,” said Trethewey. 

The process is a simple one. Stop by either of the above locations and share your story. Trethewey will take notes and possibly record longer stories with permissions for revision purposes only. The results will be shared publicly at a later date.

Upcoming Events:

Tell Me A Story | April 15 | 4-6 p.m. | The Cap Record Store 
Tell Me A Story | April 16 | 1-4 p.m. | Urban Almanac 

Trethewey photo by Mag Hood Photography.

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