Studio Fridays at TNB

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Company offers a different perspective on the theatre experience.

introThis week marks Theatre New Brunswick’s first Studio Fridays event.  Announced as part of the company’s new season, Studio Fridays will offer audiences a different perspective on TNB’s current and upcoming productions.

“Studio Fridays is a monthly event where Theatre New Brunswick invites you, the audience, behind the scenes of a production to discuss the story, rehearsals, script, music, or ideas of each production,” said Artistic Director Thomas Morgan Jones.  “It’s a way to share our artistic process beyond simply offering you our productions.  It’s a way for you to engage with TNB and our artists on a more personal and intimate level, and a way to heighten your experience of seeing our shows.

“Studio Fridays is a way for us to be together as a community, and to share ideas and perspectives–not to mention a laugh or two.”

The series begins this week at the brand new TNB Studio Theatre at 55 Whiting Road in Fredericton.  Special guest for the evening will be actor Byron Abalos who stars in the one-person production, You Play Beautifully, which runs September 9-13 at the Studio Theatre.

“Byron will discuss his career as an actor, and then give insight into his process of creating the role of Jonah in the play You Play Beautifully,” said Jones, who will lead the evening’s discussion.  “We will then recreate a scene from the play in many different ways to show how different artists or ideas can shape the final production.”

Don’t miss this great opportunity to see how the rehearsal process can bring a play to life.

Studio Fridays | TNB Studio Theatre | 55 Whiting Road | September 4, 2015 | 7:30 p.m. | Pay What You Wish


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