Strike Pictures Featured at Atlantic International Film Festival

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Maya Eterna is a visually stunning, thought provoking short film produced by one of the most exciting film companies in Atlantic Canada.

Matt Carter
Screenshot from the opening scene of Maya Eterna.

The whole thing about short films is that, well, there’s not a lot of time. Filmmakers have to view every available second as an essential moment in their stories. There is no room for filler.

Maya Eterna, the latest work by Fredericton filmmaker Arianna Martinez, is nothing short of masterful. A story of isolation, longing and acceptance, Martinez’ vision comes to life and is fully realized in under ten minutes, demonstrating her command of the short film format as an effective means of delivering a truly satisfying cinematic experience in very little time.

It’s all here. An entrancing story brought to life through beautiful imagery, the clever use of music and sound, and a hefty dose of human emotion.

Over the past few years, Strike Pictures, the company Martinez co-founded with fellow filmmakers Lance Kenneth Blakney and Gordon Mihan, has grown to become one of Atlantic Canada’s leading short film production companies. Their attention to detail paired with a collective understanding of story-first filmmaking has earned this trio of filmmakers a growing list nominations and awards – all well-deserved.

Audiences in Atlantic Canada can watch Maya Eterna this week when it debuts as part of the Reel East Coast Shorts Gala at the FIN Atlantic International Film Festival. The event takes place Wednesday September 23 with all films available for online viewing for 24 hours following the gala opening. Full details and ticket information can be found here

Check out more from Strike Pictures here

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