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Moncton’s Satellite Théâtre present work by playwrights Abby Paige and Ryan Griffith, as well as local dancer Gretchen Mejorada in English language livestream. 

Gretchen Mejorada in performance.

Following the success of the first Moncton Studio Video Radio Show (SVR) episode, Satellite Théâtre is presenting four more this summer. Usually in French, August 17th’s (8 p.m. AST) episode will showcase anglophone artists from across New Brunswick, continuing to build the open and diverse artistic community that is Satellite Théâtre’s flagship value. Audiences will be able to discover the creations of playwrights Abby Paige and Ryan Griffith, as well as local dancer Gretchen Mejorada, live on Satellite Théâtre’s Facebook page.

SVR is a showcase for Greater Moncton’s counterculture, with room for collaborations from elsewhere in New Brunswick and Canada. SVR’s pilot episode, presented in collaboration with the Centre national des Arts and Facebook, was viewed on over 1500 screens May 4th, largely by people in confinement in multiple provinces and countries. A hybrid webcast, both pre-recorded and live, hosted by Artistic Director MarcAndré Charron, SVR can also be viewed on replay.

The credits for tonight’s episode are as follows:

Guest artists: Abby Paige, Ryan Griffith and Gretchen Mejorada
Actors: Jean-Benoît (JB) Vanier, Aryelle Morisson, Brigitte Gallant
Artistic director and host: Marc-André Charron
Videographers: Angie Richard and Ludger Beaulieu
Composer and technical director: Xavier Richard
Broadcasting: Angie Richard
Administration: Emmanuelle Chapados

Dance and spoken word will also be incorporated in the last two episodes airing in September.

“The show is inspired by MuchMusic or Musique Plus music videos from the 90s and by the punk and ‘home-made’ aesthetics, as well as by older codes from radio plays, among others. Since we remain first and foremost a theatre company, a majority of the guests are playwrights. The idea is that each one prepares part of a collective work and then, like an exquisite corpse work, lets the others take their contribution by superimposing their own layer of work on it,” explains ST artistic director Marc-André Charron.

Satellite Théâtre was founded in 2009 in Montreal by Mathieu Chouinard and Marc-André Charron. The company moved to Moncton, New Brunswick in 2018. The company is now recognized for its dynamism, for the fragmented, baroque and physical nature of its productions, and for its ability to bring together highly talented creators from different cultures and disciplines.

SVR live on Satellite Théâtre’s Facebook page | 8 p.m.

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