Stephen Hero storms the gates

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Hero’s latest single reinforces his position as one of Atlantic Canadian hip hop’s essential voices. 

Matt Carter 

Saint John rapper Stephen Hero is a true force of nature. Since doubling down on his rap game a few years back, Hero has become a central figure in Atlantic Canadian hip-hop. Through numerous collaborations and a growing catalog of self-produced songs, he has proven himself to be not only a skilled beat maker and rapper, but also a poignant lyricist whose words speak to the masses with more clarity and brutal honesty than any political figure in our province’s history.* No flashy gimmicks or stereotypical cash flaunting bullshit in his arsenal, Hero is proudly one of us, just looking for answers, alternatives, and trying to stay positive while the shit piles up. 

Over the course of 2024 Hero has been hinting towards an new album while releasing a string of heavy hitting singles (packed together with Storm the Gates) that showcase his continued self refinement as an artist and an individual struggling to exist in the face of ceaseless economic challenges. 

Hero’s latest single, Storm the Gates, opens with the highly relatable line, How many times in line, praying the card works, before unleashing three and a half minutes of prose written to unite the majority in calling out the actions of those seated in positions of power unable or unwilling to ensure equity for all in this age of ultra rich and impossibly poor. 

*I have no way of proving this but I challenge you to prove me wrong.

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