Spoutnique play Moncton and Saint John this week

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Edmundston alt-disco outfit Spoutnique are getting some much-deserved attention following their ECMA nomination for Dance Album of the Year. Catch them at the Capitol Theatre and Pepper’s Pub this week.


Since releasing their debut album My Blue Sky Turns Teal Vol. 1 in April of 2017, New Brunswick alt-disco outfit Spoutnique have been getting some much deserved attention including a recent East Coast Music Award Nomination for Dance Album of the Year.

In response to this rise in recognition, the band have slowly been getting out to perform more regularly in larger centers after spending the past few years predominately playing in their home town of Edmundston, not exactly the first place that comes to mind when thinking of high-energy, electro-rock music.

“There is a small but pretty tight music community here,” said the group’s founder Paul Bourgoin. “Because of the internet, I don’t feel that removed from the rest of the world really. Also, rent can be cheap here so that means more money to spend on gear. If I want to go see or do a show in Moncton or Montreal I can always just go. It’s kinda removed but still close to two great music scenes so I think it’s a very good place to start.”

Spoutnique have made a few trips to Moncton over the past year performing at the Aberdeen Cultural Centre, Festival (506), the Tide and Boar and at Riverfront Park as part of last summer’s New Brunswick Days celebrations.

“Moncton was a great places to do our first out of town shows since we all have a lot of old friends living there,” said Bourgoin. “The response has been favorable so far I think.  There’s a lot of dancing.”

As the group work to bring their music to more audiences through live performance, Bourgoin admits the biggest challenge to be recreating their songs with as much detail as the recorded tracks involve.

“There is a lot to take in consideration when it comes to bringing these songs live,” he said. “Synths, percussions, looping and vocals. We have a strict ‘no backing tracks’ policy going on so the learning curve feels like a never ending one. We had the chance to go out and play more this year so everyone is getting more comfortable playing their parts.”

As for the year ahead, Bourgoin says the next album is already in the works.

“I’m currently writing the next album that we are planning on recording over the summer,” he said. “Some French stuff some more instrumental stuff.  And we’ll keep doing shows as much as we can because that’s where all the fun is at.”

Upcoming Dates:

March 8 | Scene NB | Capitol Theatre | Moncton, NB
March 9 | Pepper’s Pub (w/ Jaguar Knight) | Saint John, NB
May 12 | The Capital Complex | Fredericton, NB


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