Sound Drown Share New Single: Princess

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She Said Feck Records announces the release of Sound Drown’s latest single, ‘Princess’.

Matt Carter 

Some people say pop punk is dead, while others predict it will become Generation Y’s version of classic rock. There may come a day when the bar band circuit demands New Found Glory over CCR or when Blink-182 songs are the most requested numbers at the local Legion’s open mic night. Anything can happen. 

For those who think pop punk is already a thing of the past, think again. The Saint John quartet Sound Drown continue to feed the genre with new energy and honest emotion.  This week the band released Princess (She Said Feck), their first new music in over a year and a track that confidently reinforces the band’s ability to deliver rich, uptempo bangers that channel the genre’s defining characteristics. 

“The song is about someone using you, dropping you and then having the audacity to reach out to you again for their personal or emotional gain,” said lead singer and bassist, Brandon Wiseman. “We’re always much better off without those people and although the song is called Princess, it’s about dealing with shitty people in your life and moving on.”

Wiseman describes the song’s development as being a full band effort. 

“I’ve been sitting on these other riffs and rhythms for awhile and thought this was the perfect opportunity to experiment,” he said. “Everything else came naturally, instrumentally, but the song was still an uneven mess. I’ve kept changing the flow to the vocal melody as they were out of my range, and I was making the lyrics too personal. The band (Nick Ryan, Drew Neathway, Justin Goss) and Adam Dincorn (Undertone Studios) helped sort all of this out by dropping the tuning and simplifying the structure. Once Adam and Nick sorted out the chorus, vocal flow came easy, and lyrics followed. This song is now the best representation of our sound as a whole.”

After an exhausting North American tour in 2019, the members of Sound Drown took some much needed down time to rest and recharge. Last fall they began working on new material and completing a new album which is expected to drop later this year, COVID permitting.  

Princess will be available Friday April 24 on all streaming platforms.



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