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As we roll into the last few weeks of summer, the mad scramble begins. Everyone’s trying their best to max-out their time enjoying the warm weather. But for all of you who haven’t left town for a weekend adventure, the next few days offer an unusually broad range of sounds to check out.  Here are a few things worth tuning in.


unnamedGreg Harrison returns to Fredericton with his FUZE project, a series of electronic/improv performances presented as part of this year’s New Brunswick Summer Music Festival. Expect everything from electronic interpretations of classical music to curated drone/noise events and even a full marimba performance by Takus.

FUZE events kick off Friday at The Capital Complex.  If you’re into the “out there” at all, you should probably make a point of stopping by to have a listen.  Check out full details on FUZE and all NBSMF events by visiting the festival online.

On the other side of the spectrum (or maybe closer than you think), the Charlotte Street Arts Centre once again plays host to an evening of metal, this time with three New Brunswick acts: Tactus, Elevate the Virus and Blueprints. If you were curious about the state of metal in the province, this is your chance to hear some of the best new bands to hit the scene in recent years. #mathmetal #doesanyonehavealyricsheet #yourneckwillbesoreinthemorning Here’s the event.


The second of two double-header nights to take place at The Capital Complex this week. We can’t say for sure if this will be a new trend in show times, but for those who complain about not being able to catch a live performance because of their usual late-night-nature, here’s your chance to see a good show and still be home by midnight.

This weekend’s early show features New Brunswick Francophone musician Danny Boudreau and is co-presented with the Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne.  Boudreau has an enormous following throughout the province’s Francophone community and was a featured performer at last year’s Lorient Interceltic Festival in Brittany, France.  This may blow your mind.  At the very least, it will open your eyes to the wider world of music that exists within good old NB. Showtime 9 p.m.

For you night owls, the evening’s late performance starts at midnight and features The Hypochondriacs, a newly formed trio led by Josh Bravener.  Expect loud guitars, whisky shots and maybe a cowboy hat or two. Bravener pens a fine tune. #newdirection #bigfun


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