Sound Decisions – The Weekend’s Best Live Music (08.21.15)

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First, the bad news: summer is slipping past at an alarming rate.  The good news: once again Fredericton’s usual performance stages have lots of great music on tap this weekend. Some may even have air conditioning (if needed).


Let’s kick the weekend off with an impressive mix of loud/metal/hardcore/whathaveyou happening at the Elk’s Club.  The Crown of the Summer Conquest brings you “more metal than you’ll know what to do with”, with an impressive lineup of East Coast heavies.  Shout-outs to both Underground Alliance Promotion and Management and Mourning Star Entertainment who have combined their collective powers to bring you a night of fist-pumping fury like no other.  Halifax’s Sleepshaker and the Cathertics join Fredericton’s Versus, Blueprints and A Lucid Nightmare for a show that will leave a smile on your face and a ringing in your ears. $10 at the door.  Circle pit starts at 7:00 p.m. Full details.

The Capital stage welcomes Montreal singer-songwriter Milo McHanon alongside Fredericton’s own Brookside Mall and David in the Dark. Dublin born and Winnipeg raised, McHanon set his sights on a career in music while planting trees “across the Canadian landscape”. He released his debut album Big City Hustle last year and is now supporting his new EP, Who I Knew. $6 at the door. Show starts at 10:30 p.m.


Got a hankerin’ for live music and a good cup of tea?  The Jen Chapin Trio take to a north side living room for an intimate performance experience unlike anything else happening in the city this weekend.  Seating is limited though.  No word on air-conditioning at this time. For more info, please call 506-457-0826.

Fan’s of CHSR’s morning show Instant Breakfast will certainly be familiar with the Halifax group, Mauno, whose name continuously leaves host Tim Rayne tongue-tied and exhausted. “Mono?” Mauno. “Mownow?” Mauno.  Their album debuted last week at #20 on the station’s weekly charts.  Even though the group’s name presents a challenge to some, their music represents some of the best sounds surfacing from Halifax these days.  Definitely worth checking out.  And if that wasn’t enough to get you in the door, they’ll be joined by Nuages and Klarka Weinwurm. $6 at the door. Show starts at 10:30 p.m.

Montreal singer-songwriter Johnny Coull will also be in town this weekend, performing Saturday night at Ringos (at the top of Smythe) and Sunday at Grimross Brewery.  Coull has been described as, “a first-rate storyteller with a sound somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel”.  Touring in support of his new EP.  Look him up.  Check him out

This message will self-destruct. Enjoy your weekend.

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