Songs of the City returns for Shivering Songs 2023

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United Way of Central New Brunswick will host a new edition of Songs of the City at the Fredericton Playhouse, January 18.

Since partnering with Shivering Songs back in 2016, the United Way of Central New Brunswick’s Songs of the City event has been sharing transformative stories of everyday people whose lives have been changed through a United Way supported agency or program. The unique pairing of storytellers and local artists presented at each event has proven to be a winning combination, celebrating the United Way’s commitment to communities they serve, individual success stories, and providing local artists with an opportunity to give back to audiences in a new and meaningful way.  

“The United Way creates change,” said Peter Cullen, Interim Executive Director of United Way Central NB. “This event reflects on the impact of that change in the lives of everyday people in our region. Donors don’t always get the opportunity to see the direct impact of their donations. Each year we have held this event, it shows us all, in a very powerful way, the difference each one of us can make. We are so  fortunate that the four individuals whose stories are being told at this event have agreed to share them with us, and that we have such great local talent, who have so masterfully transformed these stories into song and poem.”

The upcoming 2023 event will feature stories shared from Autism Connections, Meals on Wheels, Partners for Youth, and Under One Sky Friendship Centre. New Brunswick musicians Judie Acquin, Justine Everett (Les Chanterelles), Dylan Ward (Marian), Wolfcastle, and The Olympic Symphonium will perform new music composed exclusively for this event. 

“As organizers, we look for opportunities to position Shivering Songs as a platform to impact the community in positive ways,” says Graeme Walker, Shivering Songs and The Olympic Symphonium. “We are so privileged to be part of an event like Songs of  the City as it allows us to provide an opportunity for songwriters to tell some of the most important stories in our community.” 

Songs of the City is presented in coordination and partnership with the Shivering Songs Festival and St. Thomas University. The event is offered free of charge. Seats can be reserved through the Fredericton Playhouse box office or online

Songs of the City | January 18 | Fredericton Playhouse | 7:30 p.m. 

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