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TwoFifteen Records launch national community/campus radio distribution service.  

Matt Carter 

Few people know the ins and outs of campus radio like Erin Bond. For the past eight years she has been involved in CHSR FM’s music department, first as a volunteer and then as a staffer. Even after taking over the role of Station Manager in 2016, a job that includes much more than reviewing and categorizing the steady stream of incoming new releases, Bond continues to make time for the listening and labeling that first brought her to the station.

It’s this combination of love and specialized knowledge that has helped fuel the launch of her own label TwoFifteen Records. This week Bond announced that under the TwoFifteen banner, she will be offering a physical distribution service to help musicians and bands get their music out to stations across the country.

“I’ve volunteered in CHSR’s music department since 2011,” said Bond, “and after so many years I understand all the best practices when it comes to submitting music to campus radio. It’s only natural that I offer mailout services to local bands.”

Under the new service, TwoFifteen Records will be sending quarterly shipments to stations across the country. Packaged with Music Directors in mind, each shipment will also include artist one-sheets, information labels and any related promotional materials supplied by the artists.

“Physical media is still the main form at most campus radio stations, believe it or not,” said Bond. “Digital is sometimes accepted, but I speak from experience when I say that it easily gets unnoticed or overlooked in Music Director’s inboxes and databases. There are only two stations that I know of that are digital-only.”

Bond will even provide a solution for artists who have only released their music digitally, stating that burned CDs are still universally accepted.

As part of the service, participating artists will receive a list of all the stations where their music was sent as well as related contact info for follow-ups.

Bond has distributed music for several acts already including Sleepy Driver, Kill Chicago, Rory Taillon, Beef Boys, Captain III, Deep Fryer, Elephant Skeletons and Brent Mason.

Her recent work with electronic musician Wangled Teb and emerging Fredericton folk artist Colin Fowlie has helped both artists chart regionally and nationally.

“I hope a lot of local bands take up this offer,” she said. “I’d love to see more New Brunswick music being played at other stations.”

The first submission deadline is March 1.  

To learn more, get in touch with TwoFifteen Records | WEB | FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM

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