Solo Chicken/the coop team up with Theatre St. Thomas for Foolish Deeds

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Gods of the Greek Parthenon air their grievances via Tik Tok in this new Fredericton theatre co-production.

Join Solo Chicken/the coop and Theatre St. Thomas over the next two weeks on a slip and slide of Greek inspired Tik Tok confessionals and lip synch’s (yes friend you read that right…. TIK TOK!!) leading up to a night of deep musings from the cast of Gods and Goddesses.  FOOLISH DEEDS, which began as a ‘what if’ between coop co-artistic Directors Jean Michel Cliche and Lisa Anne Ross way back in pre-pandemic days, has blossomed into a trippy inner world populated by the Greek pantheon.   Follow along with Orpheus, Eros, Lethe and the gang as they rant, rave, cry and whine about their Daddy issues, Tinder accounts and how hard it is to be alone. 

“This collaboration is just one stop on what Solo Chicken/the coop hope will be a long, weird, winding theatrical road that will take us back to a future where we can rub elbows and breath each other’s air,” said the company in this announcement. “The process first kicked off with the coop taking up residency at The Fredericton Playhouse in the Summer of 2020, which was so fun and fruitful, director Lisa Anne Ross decided to bring the work to the marvellous students of Theatre St. Thomas this past winter.  Each student actor chose a character from the Greek pantheon and then set about creating their inner and outer world through movement, text and a little make-up magic.  And in true pivoting pandemic form, where performing live is almost impossible, the cast decided they wanted to share their work through the viral Tik Tok platform as a way to reach a bigger audience.”

So warm up your cell phone and get ready to do a deep dive into the world of Prometheus, Apollo, Hermes and so many more.  Directed by Lisa Anne Ross with technical direction from Chris Saad, writing support from Anthony Bryan, make-up artistry from Kaylee MacNeil, costumes from Dr. Lynda Ross, Tik Tok guidance from Sofia Paura, movement coaching from Sydney Hallett and stage management from Ana Beatriz Araujo Cordiero, FOOLISH DEEDS is ready to rock your world.


IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE WORLD –  From Monday May 10 – Wednesday May 19, head to Tik Tok and after mindlessly scrolling through a million videos of lip-synching dogs and Jack Black doing funny things, head to @foolishdeeds and get to know our cast of characters!  (You don’t need an account to check this out, but if you do have your own account, feel free to duet, comment and share.)

FB or the GRAM – If Tik Tok isn’t your jam, head to Solo Chicken’s Facebook page, Theatre St. Thomas’s Facebook page or the Instagram accounts (@solochickencoop, @theatrestthomas) where they will also be sharing their Tik Tok videos and cool photos.

BUY A TICKET TO THE ‘SHOW’ – Head to Eventbrite and purchase a PWYC ticket for the May 19, 2021 live-streamed performance of Foolish Deeds featuring solos from all our TST Greek pantheon.

WATCH THE ‘SHOW’ – Thursday May 19, 2021 – 7:00 p.m. (Live Streamed on YouTube.) – Dress up as your favourite God, Goddess, Monster, Titan… you get the drift… make popcorn, uncork wine, get texting hand ready… and enjoy!

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