The Shorty Tubbs Just Dropped a New Video

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10685490_573202896112936_5775091373774071796_nThe Shorty Tubbs may be the next big thing…at least on the home front. To try and describe them in terms of genre would simply fall short of the truth. And to attempt to compare their sound with that of another group would simply be a disservice. As anyone who’s seen them perform live will no doubt agree, The Short Tubbs need to be experienced. The Shorty Tubbs are an experience. And they do fun things, like make music videos.

This week, Marc Bragdon and crew released a brand new video for their song, Teenage Zombie Heart, a project funded in part through an award received during last year’s New Brunswick Musicians Emerge Festival and produced by local filmmaker, Tim Rayne.

“It was a collaborative process,” said Rayne. “Marc [Bragdon] and the band had some good ideas about what they wanted to do so we all came together and put down what we thought would best accompany the song.”

“I love the song. I heard it before and really liked it so for me personally, this was a fun project to work on. It’s one thing to make a music video, but it’s another to make a video for a band you’re a fan of. I think that really helped me come up with ideas and share visual concepts with Marc.”

Shot over the course of a weekend this past summer at various Fredericton locations, the video…well, you’ll just have to watch it and experience The Shorty Tubbs for yourself.

“We’re really happy with the way it turned out,” said Rayne. “The idea with making a video is to try and push the music further and I think we accomplished that and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

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