Shivering Songs Announce 2021 Performers

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Shivering Songs double down on homegrown talent with this year’s festival lineup.

Jeremy Dutcher will perform at the Fredericton Playhouse on January 22 as part of the 11th annual Shivering Songs festival. Photo: Matt Barnes

How exactly do you book a music festival during a pandemic when international travel is a no-no, cross country travel is frowned upon, and going just about anywhere usually involves a 14 day vacation for one? Well, it’s surprisingly easy. You simply turn your sights on the talent that exists all around you. At least that’s what the organizers behind the 2021 Shivering Songs festival have done. 

Today, festival organizers have announced a lineup of performers made up entirely of artists from New Brunswick’s Zone 3.  The impressive list of homegrown talent which includes comedians, spoken word artists and improv performers alongside numerous musicians includes Anthony Bryan, Grand Theft Bus, Hot Garbage Players, The Hypochondriacs, Jeremy Dutcher, Jerry Faye, John Leroux, Les Chanterelles, Keith Hallett, Kieran Smyth, Kill Chicago, Kylie Fox, Maggie Estey, Mike Bravener & Bluebird, Monark, Montgomery Street Band, Motherhood, Pallmer, Quinn Bonnell, Qwinn, Slumps, Some Dads, Thandiwe McCarthy, and Weak Size Fish. 

Performances by both Jeremy Dutcher and Grand Theft Bus will take place at the Fredericton Playhouse with other new and familiar venues to be announced in the days ahead. 

“We were one of the last festivals to operate in 2020, and we hope to be one of the first in 2021,” said festival co-organizer, Zach Atkinson. “Shivering Songs has always been known as ‘a cure for the winter blues’ in Fredericton. Our community has been a wonderful source of support over the years, and we need to make Shivering Songs 2021 the best it can be for them. With their help, we can focus our efforts to support local artists and small businesses downtown, as we’ve always done.” 

Organizers are working with both existing venues and new spaces, to create a socially distanced concert experience that ensures a safe, comfortable environment for all artists, patrons, volunteers, and support staff. Venue-specific COVID-19 safety protocols will be detailed at the point of purchase, as well as at, following the release of the festival schedule. In recognition of the potential for subsequent waves of COVID-19, and in the interests of festival accessibility, organizers are also prepared to present Shivering Songs 2021 online-only, should Zone 3 move out of Yellow Phase, or should Public Health otherwise deem that a necessity.

Visit for up-to-date information as it becomes available. 

Shivering Songs takes place January 20-24, 2021 in downtown Fredericton. 

Upcoming Performances:

Shivering Songs Kick Off | Fredericton Playhouse | January 20 | 7:30 p.m. | Free Admission – Ticket Required
Jeremy Dutcher | Fredericton Playhouse | January 22 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets
Grand Theft Bus | Fredericton Playhouse | January 23 | 7:30 p.m. | Buy Tickets

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