Tamara Sandor – 08.06.2016

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Shifty Bits Circus, The Capital Complex, August 6, 2016.

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Photo: Dana Budovitch

Following a blistering, high energy set by Josh Bravener and the Hypochondriacs in the upstairs Wilser’s Room bar of the Capital Complex, the capacity crowd slowly filtered down to the Capital Bar where Montreal’s Tamara Sandor shifted the evening’s dynamic ever-so-slightly with a short set that proved to be both minimal in composition and captivating in its delivery.

“Is Fredericton always this great?” she asked the attentive audience who stood in almost complete silence during the performance, outside of offering well-deserved cheers and applause between songs. “I realize this is something special but if it’s like this all the time, I can’t wait to come back.”

Making her first appearance east of Quebec in her ten+ year career as a musician, Sandor commanded the room with the confidence of a seasoned performer playing a mix of material including songs from her third full-length, Tynes, released earlier this year via Oh Hi. Outside of the hum of her guitar amp, you could almost hear a pin drop during her set or in this case, a beer being uncapped. Described by one member of the audience as “a cross between Jenn Grant and Joanna Newsom”, Sandor mixes the voice of a 60s folk singer with unique phrasing and lyrically develivery, complemented by reverb laden, dissonant chord structures. For her Fredericton debut, she was accompanied by Tessa Kautzman (who also performs in Loon with Sandor) who added percussion and keys to the mix.

Sandor will perform Saturday August 13 as part of the Shifty Bits Circus first traveling caravan, bolstering an already solid lineup that includes Alex Calder, Walrus, Motherhood, Moss Lime, LAPS, Slight, Gianna Lauren, Janowski and DJ Radiant Baby. I hope we see here back this way before too long. – Matt C

Have a listen to Tamara’s latest release below.

Photo kindly provided by Fredericton photographer Dana Budovitch. Check out his work here.

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