SHIFTWORK – Sketch Wall

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Four Panel by Stefan Westner


the motion used for execution

a conductor waving 10 articulated hammers

if none were available

we would find something equally dexterous

like a craning neck

or the crook of a practiced elbow

used subtly

until labour produces

any physical form will do

as long as the conductor and the tool

surprise each other from time to time

visual work by Stefan Westner | response by Erin Goodine

Using four panels and a call-and-response format, Sketch Wall features works by members of SHIFTWORK, a Fredericton-based artist collective.

SHIFTWORK’s upcoming art exhibition “Shift, Work, Repeat.” will be open for 24 hours, starting at 7:00pm on Friday, March 3 in the SHIFTWORK Studio, located at 384 Queen Street, third floor. All are welcome.


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