SHIFTWORK – Sketch Wall

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PS 2017 Brush 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

mirror gazing, gaping mouth hole
brushing up against the future with your mechanical eyelet camera phone washing, watching
frothing from your face fissures and cleaning your teeth

openings and closing statements
the flickering of daily constellations, consternations bricks and mortar constructions
and folklore familiarity through gradations of time

blue bathed bathroom light, gradual passage comet’s coming, concrete bunker
watch yourself become stranger

work by penelope stevens | response by sophia bartholomew

Using four panels and a call-and-response format, Sketch Wall features works by members of SHIFTWORK, a Fredericton-based artist collective.

SHIFTWORK’s upcoming art exhibition “Shift, Work, Repeat.” will be open for 24 hours, starting at 7:00pm on Friday, March 3 in the SHIFTWORK Studio, located at 384 Queen Street, third floor. All are welcome.



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