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Saint John’s Sharktooth Records Swarm The Capital

1891040_605706299533195_2801602109042651873_nWhen it comes to music, Saint John has always had that special something, a unique vibe that can’t properly be put into words. We’ve all tried. It’s not related to a specific sound or a specific band. It might best be described as a resilient attempt to build a sustainable infrastructure that supports and encourages creative output – or something like that.

Enter Sharktooth Records. A small label dedicated to “Syndicating the sounds from the bowels of the Bay of Fundy” by releasing cassette and digital releases from a broad range of Saint John performers.

“I started Sharktooth about a year and a half ago,” said label founder Stuart Buckley, “essentially just as a side-project to have a little fun putting out my own records as well as my friend’s stuff. In 2014, I decided to take it all a little more seriously and it’s picked up some steam. The overall goal now is to engage and develop the local music scene in any small way possible.”

The label’s most recent release, Faceless the Crustacean, a solo album by Little You Little Me’s Gavin Downes, is a noisy, eclectic mix of dark melodies layered beneath a blanket low-fi guitar and vocals. It’s honest and sincere and presents a lot of hard-to-categorize elements that have been a mainstay in the Saint John sound for years.

And label has a lot of releases coming in the new year. According to Buckley, 2015 is shaping up nicely.

“In December we will be releasing a free sampler of all of the releases we’ve put out along with some new live tracks from Stegosaurus and Cellarghost,” he said. “In 2015 we have releases coming from Wooden Wives, Reagan’s Rayguns, Learning, Cellarghost and Stegosaurus, all on tap. Although Sharktooth has strayed away from cassette releases a little this year, all of these upcoming releases will be available both digitally and on cassette.”

Three Sharktooth bands will perform at The Capital Complex on December 12, 2014. Learning, Stegosaurus and Reagan’s Rayguns. Check ’em out!
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