Scientists of Sound play The Capital this Friday

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Halifax-based Scientists of Sound celebrate the release of their new album, The Beginning (of the beginning of the end), with a performance at The Capital Complex in Fredericton.

Born from the ashes of The Jimmy Swift band and Ruby Jean and the Thoughtful Bees, Scientists of Sound have been blending rock and roll momentum with the limitless possibilities of electronic music for the last ten years.  Guided by the collective vision by producers Colin Crowell and Craig Mercer, the band is known for its danceable originality and exhausting live shows. 

After a brief hiatus, Scientists of Sound are back with a new album and a string of east coast release shows beginning this Friday at The Capital Complex in Fredericton. 

Earlier this month the band shared the first single from the album, Dark Side of the Room, along with a stunning video created by Halifax photographer/videographer Matt Corkum. Dark Side of the Room tackles themes of alienation and was inspired in part by Mercer’s own battles with mental health issues.

“When things get overwhelming, it can be really easy to let the darkness take over, even though we know this just makes things worse,” he said. “The Flowers never bloom on the dark side of the room—we know it, yet we find ourselves there sometimes, and we have to work hard to get back to the light.”

The Beginning (of the beginning of the end) will be released November 15.

Upcoming Performances: 

Nov. 15 | The Capital | Fredericton, NB
Nov. 16 | Pub Down Under | Saint John, NB
Nov. 23 | The Marquee Ballroom | Halifax, NS

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