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Science East Host Hands-on Learning for the Whole Family

seScience East will help take some of the mystery out of the everyday technologies that exist around us through, ILLUMINATE Fredericton, a special evening of hands-on learning for children and families interested in gaining a broader knowledge of everyday science and technology.

“The Illuminate night is a chance for kids to see how science and technology is used by professionals in real jobs,” said Angela Chang, of Science East. “We’ll have everything from the fire department to tech researchers to local service groups like York Sunbury Search and Rescue. Everything is hands-on, and the kids are encouraged to learn more about how science and technology can be applied to future jobs.”

The event is aimed at middle school students but is open to families and curious members of the public. A major focus of Science East is to blend learning and fun, a combination that has proven popular with children of all ages.

“I often have the grown-ups telling me about things they’ve learned,” said Chang. “These events are great on a number of levels. They gets kids thinking about where science, technology, engineering and math education can take them, and it shows them that these kinds of jobs are happening right in their own community.”

Science East facilitates workshops and engagement activities geared towards children through regular programming at their Brunswick Street location as well as many in-school presentations and workshops. Their team is currently touring New Brunswick schools and will be spending part of next week at Bliss Carmen Middle School.

“The workshops are pretty cool,” said Chang. “We do what’s called activity-based-learning. Our educators explain a concept to the kids, give them materials, and then ask them to design something that demonstrates the concept. For example, if they’re talking about wind energy, the kids get a box of recyclables and are asked to design a windmill. Our educators always say, ‘if they get it right the first time, that’s great. If they get it wrong, even better.’ If something goes wrong, our educators will talk the students through the problem and encourage them to come up with their own solution, rather than telling them what’s wrong and how to fix it. The idea is to get kids thinking for themselves and to come up with their own creative solutions.”

During their upcoming residency at Bliss Carmen Middle School, Science East educators will be conducting workshops on the topics of flight, mixtures and optics. Three days of inspirational learning opportunities will conclude with ILLUMINATE, a free public event on Thursday December 4 from 6:00 – 7:30pm. Check it out!

To learn more about the many programs offered by Science East, visit them online or stop by in person at 668 Brunswick Street, Fredericton, NB.

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