After School Art Club Auction

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Works by students from Royal Road Elementary School are currently on display at M&T Deli.

10806338_871560629556586_7868112318204020264_nThe After School Art Club at Royal Road Elementary School in Fredericton was the brainchild of music teacher, Krista Tousenard with help from fellow teacher Denise Dorcas, and was created as a way to raise funds to support the arts within the Royal Road Elementary School learning community.

“By having the kids involved in the fundraising it becomes a teaching resource,” said Tousenard.  “Money doesn’t get handed to them, they earn it. Entrepreneurship and understanding the value of money are essential skills for these kids as they grow up. The children involved in this project now have other students thanking him for their effort because the money raised is going to help sustain a school band program and this school has never had that before.”

Through funding provided by popular downtown restaurant, Isaac’s Way, the school was able to purchase art supplies and bring in local artists Joan Crate and Pat Whipple to guide students through various clay and printmaking projects.

“The students loved every minute of the creative process,” said Touesnard, “and many other kids are constantly telling them how lucky they are as they wish they could do it too!  They are all very, very proud and excited to see their work hanging downtown.”

The works created through this project are currently on display and silent auction at M&T Deli.  The last day for bids is Friday January 30, 2015 at 4:00pm.


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