Runaway is the latest single from Benn

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Fredericton rapper Benn teams up with filmmaker Andrew Kelly to animate the theme of his latest single, Runaway, released this past weekend.  

Matt Carter

Songs involving mental health and awareness are commonplace these days. Especially in hip hop. As more and more young musicians turn to hip hop as an outlet for their creativity, tackling depression, and the struggle to overcome its challenges have become as common a theme in contemporary, regional hip hop as teenage love stories were to the early days of rock and roll. 

Between songs about partying and searching for direction, Fredericton rapper Benn has admirably made his own mental health a focus of his work, either directly or indirectly. These issues feature predominantly in this single Runaway, with filmmaker Andrew Kelly using motion and a variety of locations to create an on-the-nose interpretation of an artist on the run from life’s harsh realities. A solid single and video. The motion says it all. 


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