An Evening of Roots & Ragtime

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Multi-instrumentalist Calum Jackson will be playing a solo show at the Grimross Brewery on Thursday January 25 beginning at 7:30 p.m.

As a member of The Montgomery Street Band, Falling Leaves and as a solo performer, Jackson has kept busy over the past couple of years honing his skills in roots, ragtime, folk and bluegrass music. 

“The music I play is rooted in ragtime, but takes influence from other forms of jazz and folk music,” says Jackson. “I strive for a combination of fun, catchy foot-tapping melodies and interesting rhythms.”

As a young musician, Jackson credits his grandfather for helping shape his love for all genres.

“He had a love for all sorts of different genres,” he said. “When I started learning to play ragtime and jazz, he really encouraged me and showed me some great music.

“I’ve been influenced by so many performers in different ways. However, a lot of my musical idols are big fans of Fats Waller, as am I.”

Over the couple of years, Jackson and many other folk rooted musicians have been able to cultivate new audiences interested in hearing acoustic based music thanks to the support of Grimross Brewery and local promoter Eddie Young. As Jackson sees it, the recent wave of interest isn’t necessarily something new. There just hasn’t been a consistent stage to unite both the musicians and the audiences.  He believes everyone, whether they know it or not, has a soft spot for at least one of folk’s many sub-genres like bluegrass, country swing or Appalachian music.

“People enjoy a good musician, no matter their style,” said Jackson. “It also really helps when the music is something you can tap your feet to.  I’ve even had some people swing dancing!  And the more people dancing to your music, the bigger the crowd, so in a sense I think even if it’s not somebody’s cup of tea, there’s a bit of crowd mentality. Plus, all of these old styles of acoustic music are very non-offensive and quite nostalgic for most, whether it reminds them of grandparents or video games or even just Bugs Bunny!”

In the coming year Jackson plans to record and release a couple of albums and keep a busy performance calendar.

An Evening With Calum Jackson | Thursday January 25 | 7:30 p.m. | Grimross Brewery | $10 | View Event

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