Rey D. Shares New Single: 4 LOVE

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Three-time MNB Award nominee Rey D. shares his second single of 2020.

Matt Carter

Whether there is simply a lack of songwriters interested in crafting polished ballads of love and heartbreak in our province, or they exist but are just hugely underserved by New Brunswick’s limited media resources, songs like 4 LOVE, the latest single from Rey D. are not the type of songs that come to mind when thinking about how New Brunswick sounds. We have never been a pop hit province, but we could be, and Rey D. could be the one to make it happen. 

Last week Rey D. released his second single of the year, a cleanly executed, on-the-nose love song that has all the makings of a radio earworm.

The lyrics describe the transition from being heartbroken, keeping the walls up around your heart and not letting anyone in fully to making that first step to put it all on the line,” said Rey. “These are the feelings that have come about after a considerable amount of time of being single, learning to love one’s self and now being ready to pour that love into someone.”

Rey D. was born in The Bahamas and moved to Nova Scotia in 2007. Currently based in Woodstock, New Brunswick, he has received multiple ECMA and MNB award nominations and was the winner of the 2019 African Nova Scotian Music Association’s Rising Star of the Year Award.  


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