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March 3, 2017 – Fredericton Public Library

Matt Carter
Share. Photo by Matt Carter
Share. Photo by Matt Carter

Forward Music Group kicked off the first in a series of 10th anniversary performances over the weekend with The Olympic Symphonium delivering a rare hometown show featuring songs and stories from the group’s seminal debut, Chapter 1.

The evening began with a special reunion performance by Share, the Andrew Sisk fronted folk-rock ensemble that included three members of The Olympic Symphonium together with drummer Zach Atkinson.

Sisk began the evening with a pair of new songs off his recent solo release Antarcticalia before inviting Nick Cobham and Kyle Cunjak to join him in revisiting tracks from Pedestrian, the group’s first album for FMG. The set concluded with Atkinson and Dennis Goodwin on lap steel rounding out the group’s lineup to complete a set rich with nostalgia that left many longing for the days when a Share performance wasn’t such a rare occurrence.

While the group called it quits more than six years ago, their impact of a specific time, place and audience was evident with many in the crowd mimicking Sisk’s soft delivery, whispering lyrics still fresh in their minds.

Following a short intermission, The Olympic Symphonium delighted the hometown crowd, comprised largely of family, friends and long-time supporters of the group, with a spirited track by track performance of their debut, complete with stories surrounding the making of the album and many of the group’s early performances. All in all, a beautiful night.

Thanks to the Forward folks for putting the evening together and congrats on ten years of music making. You’ve earned a place in our collective hearts, and your impact on our little city will continue to be felt for years to come. Let’s do this again someday.

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