Review: Chris Belliveau’s self-titled debut

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Chris Belliveau delivers big riffs that land with increasing confidence across the eight songs that make up his full-length debut.

Matt Carter 

You know how some songs are just good walking songs? The right combination of tempo and whatever that mysterious strut factor is that makes you stand ever so slightly taller? Swing your arms with a touch more pizazz? The kind of songs some big shot movie maverick like Quentin Tarantino might choose as introduction music for some charismatic side character who isn’t at all the focus of the story but rather the kind of eccentric personality whose advice or actions are essential to the success of a main character’s development arc? You know what I mean? Well, every single song on Memramcook singer songwriter Chris Belliveau’s self titled album fits this mould. Having Mike Trask in his band probably helps, but make no mistake. This album is all Belliveau. He plays guitar, he sings, he plays bass, and he plays lap steel. The album is full of big riffs that land with increasing confidence across these eight songs. And when the occasional solo pops out, it’s like adding polish to an already fine pair of shoes. Or sticking a handkerchief in your suit pocket. Tilting your hat just so. Toothpick optional. 


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