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This play is a hundred percent worth going to.”

Sara Lamk 

The new production of Lerner and Leowe’s Camelot, by Red Panda Productions, is one worth watching. The play follows King Arthur as he rules over Camelot and proposes a new code for the Knights in the Kingdom, as well as his love story with princess Guenevere. 

This production was able to create the magic of the lands of Camelot through the exquisite acting of the cast and the music score. The outstanding performance of King Arthur by William Bonfiglio, Guenevere by Kelly McAllister, alongside Lancelot du Lac by Luke Notfall intrigues the audience until the very end. One of the outstanding scenes is the first act finale, where Bonfiglio pours his emotions and leaves the audience with empathy towards his pain. The lighting on stage did a great job of encapsulating the scene’s heavy atmosphere. 

Through the acts, we are awed by the musical sections, but also we get some amazing comedic relief through the banter between characters. This ensemble carries the story wonderfully and lets the viewers take a breath when needed. Some amazing ensemble songs were “The Lusty Month of May” and “The Jousts” with well rehearsed choreography helping transport the audience to the time and setting. 

In the show, there is a four-legged furry surprise, whose name is Abby McAllister. The inclusion of a dog was delightfully unexpected. An important spotlight in the play goes to the actor James McGroarty who played Merlyn and Pellinore. His commitment to the play was incredible to witness, and he also worked as a grounding force for the rest of the cast. 

As a spectator, I caught myself with surprise at the magnificent singing projection. This cast have incredible voices with sopranos Kathleen McGroarty and Kelly McAllister, baritones Luke Noftall, and William Bonfiglio and mezzo-soprano, Naomi McGowan each delivering memorable performances. 

This play is a hundred percent worth going to if you want to escape the modern world and be occupied by love affairs, magic, and heartbreak. As a viewer, you can connect contemporary dynamics with this medieval setting, and it will be entertaining and easy to digest for all ages.

Red Panda Production’s Camelot runs July 22-25 at Christ Church Cathedral. Full details and ticket info can be found by visiting

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