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Vancouver’s Red Haven play Grimross Brewery June 5.

1430250981024(Vancouver) – Over three weeks this March, folk band Red Haven bunkered down in a hundred year-old church in the tiny town of Wells, BC. The Vancouver-based quartet were the first participants in a newly-founded Artist-in-Residency program created by the Island Mountain Arts Foundation, the group behind the Arts Wells Festival, one of BC’s most treasured folk festivals.

There, they recorded their debut album Vilified: A Collection of Firsthand Accounts and Secondhand Stories which will be released this spring alongside a cross-Canada tour from Cumberland to Halifax. The album is a shape-shifter, drawing inspiration from folk, hip-hop, swing, punk and gypsy jazz.

“We’re stepping outside of our comfort zone for this record,” says Nathan Turner, the band’s bass player. “We have a little of what you would expect from us – the swing, the whisky-folk – but we’re pushing our songwriting way beyond that. We’ve also started to sound more cohesive as a group, and have learned to work with each other in a more mature way. I think that is what’s really going to make a difference for this record.”

The band has certainly proven their work ethic. In just over a year, Red Haven has performed over 90 shows including five festivals as well as recording both an EP and an album. Their upcoming tour will take them from coast to coast – over 13,000 kilometers in six weeks. They will be sharing most of the tour with Vancouver based alt-folk band Dirty Grace.

Red Haven | Grimross Brewery | June 5, 2015 | 8:00 p.m. | $10

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