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Preparing to Wholesale Your Product.

10650002_805143549537087_5869218605112724148_nThe New Brunswick Crafts Council invites you to a workshop entitled: Ready, Set, Go! on Thursday, December 4th from 9am-4pm in the Andal Building Boardroom, 225 King Street, Fredericton.

“The workshop is designed to assist craft producers with entry into the wholesale marketplace,” said Bernard Burton, Executive Director of the Craft Alliance, a pan-Atlantic trade association representing the craft sector in Atlantic Canada. “We assist makers with organizing their wholesale product line, pricing, sales & marketing and many other aspects of the wholesale process.”

Participants attending this one-day workshop will learn about; producing for wholesale marketing, packaging, pre-marketing and promotional materials for trade shows, product design and development, booth design, selling techniques, and other important tips to prepare to enter the trade show market.

“A key element of the workshop is presenting yourself at a wholesale trade show and ensuring you are prepared to do business with retail buyers from across Atlantic Canada and beyond,” he said. “There is a definite transition for craft producers to move into the wholesale market and our objective is to make that transition as successful as possible. Retail buyers have an expectation that if they are dealing with a craft producer, that the producers know how the wholesale process works and that they are prepared with a professional presentation.  Promotional materials, price lists, production capacity and ability to deliver product on time are crucial factors for the craft producers success in wholesale.”

Participants are asked to bring a sample of their product with them to the workshop. The workshop will be presented by Bernard Burton of the Craft Alliance Atlantic Association. Lunch will be provided.

Workshop fee: $40.00 general public, $35.00 NBCC member/NBCCD students | To Register, email: or call 506-450-8989

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