Primordial Soup

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Abstract Work by Kris Leblanc

Grid City Magazine - P Soup1Join the Charlotte Street Arts Centre’s Charlotte Glencross Gallery for the opening of PRIMORDIAL SOUP – May 14, 2015.

[The exhibition] is a series of abstract paintings that strive to emulate and pay tribute to different scientific phenomena from cell division to electrical activity. This body of abstract work is emotional, expressive and represents a merger of art and the fascinating biological world.

Artist Statement

I have been an artist for six years and throughout that time I have experimented with different techniques using oil and acrylic paint. My work is expressive and started out as mainly colourful, representational work of architecture and landscapes, then, two and a half years ago, I made a breakthrough with my art. I began a completely new series of paintings; paintings that extended my technique and challenged my talents as an artist.
This new work was inspired by my lifelong interest in, and admiration for, science and biology. Using a drip-and-pour technique and very specific combinations of acrylic pigments on canvas, I produce compound reactions that imitate microscopic phenomena with intricacies from cell division to electrical activity. I then apply, layer by layer, a thick coating of clear epoxy resin that highlights the details and emphasizes the many brilliant colours. As this technique continues to evolve, I plan to paint larger works and experiment with different kinds of paints and surfaces to achieve even larger, biologically-inspired, structures that continue to express the connection between scientific and human energy.

Primordial Soup | Charlotte Glencross Gallery | Opening May 14, 2015 | 5:30pm | View Event


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