Pop and Punk but not Pop-Punk.

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PEI trio Coy will make their New Brunswick debut at Flourish Festival 2019.  

Matt Carter
Photo: Evan Ceretti

Formed in the winter of 2018, the Prince Edward Island trio Coy blend an unlikely mix of influences including pop and punk. Just don’t make the obvious assumption.

“Coy is a mix between punk and pop without being pop-punk,” said singer/guitarist Story Sheidow. “The band came to be in the winter of last year with the intentions of blending our musical backgrounds to hopefully create something cool that people can connect with.”

While Coy has only been together for a year now, the idea behind the band has been brewing for much longer. It just took a while before Sheidow and her bandmates Emilee Sorrey and Jesara Sinclair Freisen found the time to make it happen.

“Emilee and I had been chatting on and off for years about starting a project together, and it’s been really cool to see all of our styles merge together to form Coy’s sound,” said Sheidow.

The band includes past or current members of Sorrey, Colour Code, Uncle, Eviction Party and Cross, an unlikely combination of genres ranging from punk and pop to crust and folk.

“Jesara always says our name is quite fitting since a coy is a mix between a dog and a wolf,” said Sheidow.

To date, the band has only left the island to perform on one occasion. In December they traveled to Halifax to play an all-ages show with Holy Cow, State of Alaska and Matty Grace. But besides that, Coy have been keeping pretty close to home, working on writing new music and doing some recording.

In April, Coy will make its Fredericton debut joining the lineup of artists set to perform at the 2019 Flourish Festival. 

“We’re excited to do more traveling this spring and summer,” said Sheidow. “Flourish is Coy’s first festival and we’re really excited to take part in it. Emilee played with Sorrey a few years ago and had the best experience, so it seemed like the right move.

“I think we’re all excited to take in the shows.  So far the lineup looks great, with lots of awesome bands- including some of our pals!”

Flourish Festival takes place April 25-28, 2019 in Fredericton. Learn more at flourish-fest.com

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