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We’ve created a playlist featuring many of the New Brunswick artists recommended through the Stay at Home Music Club. 

Matt Carter

When self-isolation and at-home quarantine became the safest thing we could do to stop the spread of this virus, one of our immediate concerns was how people were going to handle such a drastic change to their routines. And what are they going to do with all this extra time? Our answer:  the Stay at Home Music Club.

The concept behind the Stay at Home Music Club is as simple as it gets. The only goal is to provide New Brunswickers with a source for new music recommendations from music makers right here in NB. And since so many people consume music through their own preferred streaming service these days we’ve chosen to omit any direct links to these artists and their albums. Our only goal is to offer you a daily suggestion. You can act on these suggestions however you choose. These recommendations can be found daily on our Instagram and Facebook stories.  

As we quickly move past the 20th recommended release, we decided to compile many of these tracks into a sharable playlist. Whether you’re looking to listen local or just on the hunt for new sounds, the Stay at Home Music Club playlist has you covered. 

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