The Quality Block Party Schedule Is Up!

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Quality Block Party share detailed schedule of events and performances planned for Uptown Saint John April 26-30, 2017.

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After much anticipation, the organizers of Quality Block Party have rolled out the complete schedule, detailing the artists and venues planned for the 2017 event.  The five day event will see performances from more than 50 bands from across the province playing on stages across more than five different venues.

“The schedule unveiling is really exciting for us, especially because when we started planning this thing I don’t think we knew what it was really going to look like,” said Abigail Smith, one of the organizers behind the event. “Because of everyone’s support and excitement, it looks pretty gorgeous.”

Here’s a quick look at what has been announced:

Wednesday April 26

Sadie Donahue + Jane Blanchard + Julie Doiron (Five & Dime)
Tooth & The Fang + ER & The Other + Oldie Junior (Taco Pica)

Thursday April 27

Graeme Kennedy + Sebastian Fleet + Jon McKiel (Five & Dime)
Young Satan in Love + CHIPS + Reagan Rayguns (Taco Pica)
The Waking Night + Weird Lines + Little You, Little Me (Yuk Yuk’s)
Nienke + WROTE + Rozalind MacPhail + It Could Be Franky (White Room)

Friday April 28

Brent Mason + Bad People (Five & Dime)
Beard Springsteen + Right Shitty + Nerve Button (Taco Pica)
The Squirts + The Galpines + The Hypochondriacs (Yuk Yuk’s)
Math Class + Dylan Ryan + Tampa + 1995 Zellers + Jaguar Knight (White Room)

Saturday April 29

Round Table Discussion: $how Me The Money? (Picaroons)
Zine & Print Expo (Port City Royal)
Keith Hallett (Five & Dime)
Some Dads + Penny Blacks + Cellarghost (Taco Pica)
Paranerd + Flour + Usse (White Room)
Sheik + Janowskii + Motherhood (Yuk Yuk’s)
Kylie Fox + David R. Elliott + Owen Steel (Elwood’s)

Sunday April 30

The All-Ages Shit Show Extravaganza w/ Butcher + Last Museum + Sour Smoke + Slow Fight + Disasterbaters + Provincial Camps + Cassette Tapes + Thirsty Camel + Street Light Parking Lot + Trophy Kill + Jerry-Faye + Killdevils + Super Love + Little You, Little Me (Taco Pica)

Download a copy of the Quality Block Party schedule HERE (updated April 26)

Venue Info:

Five and Dime [34 Grannan St]
Elwood’s Wood Lab [91 Princess St]
Taco Pica [96 Germain St]
Yuk Yuk’s [32 Grannan St]
Backstreet Records [124 Germain St]
The White Room [36 Water St]


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