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New label celebrates famous ‘Connell Stamp’ debacle.

picaroonsIntroducing the newest label in the Picaroons Historical Brown Ale series, The Connell Stamp! The newly relabelled Brown Ale, previously branded as the 104th Regiment, will start hitting the shelves this week at ANBL locations throughout New Brunswick, with 25 cents from every bottle being donated to the Carleton County Historical Society & Connell House in Woodstock, New Brunswick.

So what’s the scoop with The Connell Stamp? In 1859, Postmaster General Charles Connell, a Carleton County Loyalist, ordered new postage for New Brunswick. An uproar ensued in 1860 when the 5 cent stamps appeared bearing Charles Connell’s own face on them, soon resulting in his resignation. Most, though not all specimens were destroyed and 115 years later, the extremely rare and valuable “Connell Stamp” is prized and sought by collectors around the world. Picaroons Traditional Ales has decided to commemorate this quirky event in New Brunswick’s history the only way they know how; with BEER.

The release of this second label in the Historical Brown Ale series also marks the end of the first label in the campaign, the 104th Regiment, which saw support going towards the Fredericton Region Museum.

On May 21 Picaroons’ Owner/Operator Sean Dunbar proudly presented a cheque for $10, 000 to the Museum, at which time he also gave some folks a sneak peak at the new Connell Stamp label.

Read a detailed history of The Connell Stamp.

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