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FLOURISH festival announce fall programming October 6 &7.

The organizers behind FLOURISH, Fredericton’s spring music and arts festival, have announced the return of PERISH, a fall edition of the festival that first appeared in 2015.

“We chose to introduce PERISH again for a number of reasons,” said festival founder Jane Blanchard. “We are really excited about the new renovations and the re-opening of the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, so we will be using that as an all-ages venue on Saturday Oct 7th. We will have a small craft / zine / print fair, visual art, music and more.

“We hope to use this space as a main venue for FLOURISH Festival next year – so I suppose it’s a trial run to check out the space and welcome people to it,” she said.  “Connexion ARC will also have some events lined up and have welcomed their new director, Kasie Wilcox, so this is also an opportunity for us to work together with that group more and find ways to collaborate throughout the year.”

Besides catering to the established FLOURISH audience, PERISH offers a chance for new and returning students to experience the wide array of music and art happening within the Fredericton area and throughout the province.

“Essentially we are always so excited to present shows, especially with all the amazing East Coast acts that are out there,” said Blanchard.  “October is also the middle point to April, and we will be doing FLOURISH Festival again in 2018, so this is a little reminder that we are still here doing what we love to do and presenting great New Brunswick talent.  2018 is going to be a big year for us, and this is a kick off to that.  FLOURISH Festival submissions also open again at the end of October, so hopefully everything will be fresh in people’s minds!”

This year’s lineup includes performances by Lydia Mainville | Saint Jack | Jerry-Faye | David In The Dark | Subtle | Penny Blacks | Cellarghost | Sheik | Aminal | Ski Team | Levi Rowen | The Waking Night | Sam Salmon | Wangled Tebb | Chillteens | Sadie | Kylie Fox | Valerie | Property// | Cedric Noel | Jane Blanchard | Lina Tulgran | Butcher | Bad People | Klarka Weinwurm | with improve by Hot Garbage Players

PERISH 2017 will present programming at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre, The Capital Complex and Bellwether.

Complete details, artist info and performance schedules are available at www.flourish-fest.com


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