Paul MacIntosh and the Lost Keys share new single

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Don’t Fly Away is the third single of the year from Paul MacIntosh and the Lost Keys.

Matt Carter 

Since making their debut last fall with the appropriately titled Bring on the Autumn, Paul MacIntosh and the Lost Keys have maintained a steady stream of new singles, each a new experiment in search of a sound to call their own. Now five singles deep, this well documented journey – one MacIntosh has called “a solo songwriting project turned dream collaboration” – has come to reveal the many strengths MacIntosh and his bandmates Ryan Keenan, Graeme Russell, and Kraig Waye share between them. 

Guided by a subtle and graceful approach to the dynamic possibilities of a piano led rock ensemble, the group’s growing catalog pulls elements of rock’s vast expanse with admirable attention focused on lyricism and how voice as an instrument can work within these varying contexts. 

Don’t Fly Away has a touch of everything you might expect to hear from a modern rock group that features the piano in such a prominent position. You don’t need me to point out the obvious influences or draw comparisons on your behalf. Just listen to the song. But the thing that is slowly starting to shape the identity of this emerging ensemble, perhaps more than anything else, is the simple fact that no one else in the city is doing what Paul MacIntosh and the Lost Keys are doing as well as Paul MacIntosh and the Lost Keys are doing it. Whether or not it was their intention, they found a niche that needed filling and that is a big part of what makes each new song from this band worth waiting for. 

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